How to Burn PS2 Games

It is definitely easy and fast to Burn PS2 Games once you get the hang of it. This article will show you the ins and outs of this process. One thing you will like about this is that with some software you will need to mod your PS2. There are some software products out there that will allow you to do this without modding your PS2 and we are going to cover those. This type of software is superior to the first kind because you will not need to break open your PS2 to do this.

The first thing is to pop your PS2 game into the disc drive on your computer. You will want to open up the software program that you are using for this task of burning a new copy of the game. Look for the place in the program that says "read". The program may say something like MODE, ISO, READ. Once you get this far, make a new folder on your computer for the game to go into. Go back and use the software to transfer the game in your drive to the new folder you just made for it. This may take a few minutes to finish. You should see a window pop up that says you had success in getting it from the game to the folder.

The next thing to do to burn PS2 games is to remove the game from your player and install a new blank DVD disk into the player. Check it for scratches before you install it so that you do not end up wasting your time. The disk should hold around four gigabytes. Most people say to use the DVD-R version for your new disk. Try this type of disk first to burn onto, and then later try the DVD+R type if you just have some lying around. Your software burning program should still be open on your computer. Find in the program where it says to "write" to the new blank disk. Here is a good tip; once you find the "write" section, you will want to choose the optimum write speed for burning your new game disk. If the DVD player burns (writes) at a maximum speed of 16, choose 8. If it burns at a maximum of 22, use 11, and so forth. If you still have problems later with your game playing badly or freezing up, do all the above steps and choose an even lower speed to burn the game from your computer to the disk. The benefits of having your own copy of the game are the same as having backups of anything. If the original game disk gets scratched, broken, or stolen, you will not be losing any money. Making backups is just good common sense.

Once you have it burned onto the new disk, try it out. If it does not work, make sure you followed all the steps exactly in this tutorial and in the software on your computer. Once you have successfully burned a disc and do not want to burn any more, delete the folder that has the copied game to save space on your hard drive. If you end up making a few "coasters" do not give up, you will eventually have success when you burn PS2 games.

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