How to Burn PS1 Games

If you're looking for how to burn PS1 games, look no further than this article here. Burning PS1 games isn't as complicated as it used to be now that there are these new game copying softwares available. In the past, you had to use a mod chip if you wanted to be able to burn PS1 games and play them on your console. Keep reading and I'll explain exactly how these game copying programs work and where you can get one.

As I mentioned above, in the past you had to use mod chips if you were looking for ways on how to burn PS1 games. Not only are mod chips hard to install and figure out if you don't know what you're doing, but they void the warranty on your console as well. Because of this, there are companies that made available these special programs that can copy games and remove the protection codes on them so that you can play the games in your system without it knowing that the game is burned. This is a huge advancement and it's making mod chips a thing of the past.

So where do you get this special software?

There are a few different sites out there that offer game copying software but you need to be careful which one you use. Some of them make promises that they cannot keep and say things like their software is extremely easy to use when it's really not. An important aspect to keep in mind when first learning how to burn PS1 games is that you want the program you're using to be as easy as possible. This makes the process go smoothly so you can have your games copied and be playing them in a short amount of time.

Another thing you want to consider when looking for a game copying program is how good the quality of the copied games is. Some programs out there make copies of your games just fine, but the quality is so poor that it's not even worth playing them.

Lastly, you want a program that works for all consoles. On top of knowing how to burn PS1 games, if you can burn all other games as well, you will always have a program that works for your other systems you play or might end up buying in the future.

Which Game Copying Program Do I Recommend?

The software I use is called Game Copy Monster. You can read a full review on it at my site. I like Game Copy Monster because it meets all of the criteria I mentioned above and it's just an all around great program. Their support staff is very helpful too just in case you run into any problems while using it.

So if you're ready to learn how to burn PS1 games and you want to get the program I use to burn all of my video games, visit my site here to check it out:

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